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You are viewing a project that is currently in draft state for the opensource working group in the Green Software Foundation. This project should not be considered finished or officially supported in any way by the Green Software Foundation or it's members.

API Based

What APIs can be used to calculate energy ?​

The API-based technique is one of the simplest options to get energy consumption for the hardware resources running your application. Providers like Climatiq provide APIs that give you the CO2e for the power consumption for computing (CPU), storage and memory, based on location and resource utilisation. There can be an improvement in adding real-time (or delayed interval) marginal carbon intensity data.

The API documentation is available here

Let’s take a look at a sample request and response to get the energy consumption for a CPU with a 1 hour utilisation running in the uk_west region.


 curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer API_KEY' \
--data '{
"cpu_count": 1,
"region": "uk_west",
"cpu_load": 1,
"duration": 1,
"duration_unit": "h"


"co2e": 0.00057841,
"co2e_unit": "kg",
"co2e_calculation_method": "ar4",
"co2e_calculation_origin": "source",
"emission_factor": {
"activity_id": "cpu-provider_azure-region_uk_west",
"uuid": "be353893-f270-43a3-9d0f-82b2a6c8b46c",
"id": "cpu-provider_azure-region_uk_west",
"access_type": "public",
"source": "CCF",
"year": "2021",
"region": "GB-CDF",
"category": "Cloud Computing - CPU",
"lca_activity": "use_phase",
"data_quality_flags": []
"constituent_gases": {
"co2e_total": 0.00057841,
"co2e_other": null,
"co2": null,
"ch4": null,
"n2o": null