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You are viewing a project that is currently in draft state for the opensource working group in the Green Software Foundation. This project should not be considered finished or officially supported in any way by the Green Software Foundation or it's members.

Energy (E)

What are the different ways to calculate energy?​

Software systems cause emissions through the hardware that they operate on, both through the energy that the physical hardware consumes and the emissions associated with manufacturing the hardware. There are multiple techniques that can be used to calculate the energy values that physical hardware consumes while running the software application. Some of these techniques are listed below:

1) API based techniques

This is when you integrate your software with APIs that provide the energy values at run time.

2) Performance Engineering techniques

This is when you measure run time heuristics like CPU utilisation, memory utilisation, etc. and use these to calculate energy.

3) Tool based

This is when you integrate your software with tools running on the desktop or servers that provide energy values.

4) Public Sources

This is when you get energy reference values of computing resources from public sources. You cannot use the above approaches when you need to calculate energy associated with network infrastructure. Refer to this link to find out how.

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